Trekking with Environmental Excursion Guide

Il sentiero degli Dei


The Path of the Gods is one of the most famous itineraries in Italy and in the world. This time, we will propose it at sunset, in a unique and exciting guise, in contact with the rosy colors of the coastal sunsets.
The route will start from Bomerano, a hamlet of Agerola (NA), near Piazza Paolo Capasso, at side of the church of San Matteo. From Piazza Paolo Capasso, we will descend along the path of the gods, to reach the cave of the biscuit and thus officially begin our itinerary.
The walk between ups and downs, will lead us to Colle serra where we will make the detour towards the "path alto" and then descend along the lower variant of the same itinerary, walking alongside the Positano climbing area, overlooking one of the most fascinating landscapes of our region. The return will be made along the exposed stretch that leads to the crossroads for San Domenico and the fountain at the crossroads for Praiano. At the crossroads indicated, we will return by the same road.


The "Sentiero dei Limoni" is a simple but fascinating walk that connects Maiori to Minori, along the ancient road that once (like today) was the destination of the passages of farmers and mules, for the transport of the yellow gold of the Amalfi Coast.
We will climb the steps that will take us to splendid viewpoints overlooking the sea and we will crown everything with a splendid visit to Az. Agricola di Giovanni Ruocco where we will taste lemonade, jam and lemon salad, as well as a very interesting visit inside the lemon groves themselves.
We will then descend to Minori where we will stop to take a dip or to taste a splendid lemon delight in the local pastry shops.

Notes: there are water sources along the way

Il sentiero dei limoni
Valle delle Ferriere

(Amalfi circuit)

An unusual Ferriere valley with a circuit that from Amalfi, going up towards Pontone, will descend again into the city.
We will have the opportunity to visit the splendid seaside city, the ancient paper mills and ironworks, the river and the waterfalls that surround the valley and the placid village of Pontone.
From Amalfi we will go up the stairway that leads to the town of Pontone, an ancient medieval village that we will cross. And from there we will dive and enter the valley of the river canneto, better known as Valle delle Ferriere.

Recommended equipment: backpack, trekking poles and shoes, raincoat, layered clothing for any temperature and weather conditions and what is necessary for a day in the hills.


The Bonea river orographically separates the Lattari Mountains and the Amalfi Coast from the Metelliana Valley and the Salerno hills.
Vietri sul Mare is the gateway to a 40 km long Paradise.
Going up the steps from the Marina you go up all the villages of Vietri with the view that opens more and more on the Gulf of Salerno.
Thus you cross the magical Raito, the Favor Albori before closing a unique and special circuit.

Notes: layer clothing to better face the climb and the various temperatures. Backpack with water, snacks, bars and everything that can be useful for a peaceful walk in the hills

Borghi vietresi al tramonto
Sentiero del Principe al tramonto


The Sentiero del Principe is our "strong point", the path with which we have identified ourselves to the public and with which we intend to give a hiking vision of the city of Salerno.
Starting from the Duomo, from the cathedral of San Matteo , the itinerary climbs gently towards the steps of Montevergine and the first panoramas of the city from above, before entering the pine forest of the Arechi castle and finally reaching the Castle.
From the Castle, a short visit and then continue towards the holm oak forest which leads to the Bastiglia and then to the Salerno - Croce di Cava paved road.
From Croce di Cava, a descent near the Villa Lupara farmhouse will immerse us in the chestnut woods that encompass the small path that reaches the foot of the mountain of San Liberatore. From the brow, a descent towards Salerno, overlooking breathtaking scenery towards the sea, will take the group to the "Cornice del Principe" and subsequently to Canalone where we will resume the road towards the Cathedral.


An itinerary of great naturalistic and sporting charm, a route that unites the Sentiero del Principe and the Sentiero dei Borghi Vietri, crossing places not yet crossed by our treks.
We will start from the Cathedral of Salerno to go towards the canalone locality and go up towards the Prince's Frame. From the frame of the prince, our steps will lead us to the Valle hamlet where our descent into the valley will begin which, among Mediterranean scrub, in a shrubby path, will lead us to the locality of Molina di Vietri.
From Molina, an uphill itinerary, after having skirted the course of the Bonea river, will take the excursion along a green path that will reach Dragonea, where a paved climb (but in the fields) towards the town awaits us.
From here, the descent will begin via Iaconti which, after the famous steps that lead to the chapel of Santa Margherita, with a clear and very panoramic detour, will take us near the Raito vineyards.
From the vineyards, circuit inside the village with descent to via Madonna dell'Arco and the marina.
At this point, the route proceeds in the direction of Vietri sul Mare with an itinerary inside the alleys which will be the prelude to the view of the Cathedral and subsequently of the Amalfi road.
Return on the cobblestone of the Solimene Ceramics to the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli and return to Salerno.

camminando verso la divina
Cala bianca. Bagno al tramonto.


From Marina di Camerota port, where we will park our cars, we will head in the direction of Lentiscelle beach from which an itinerary immersed in the Mediterranean scrub will start. to then descend towards the Pozzallo beach, where we will stop for a short break at the homonymous restaurant.
From the refreshment point, a short itinerary will lead us near a clayey plateau which will be the prelude to the descent towards Cala Bianca, a beach voted "most beautiful in Italy" in 2013.
At Cala Bianca, we will stop for a regenerating swim in the crystalline waters and to wait for the sunset.
After sunset, we will slowly return to Pozzallo, where a boat will pick us up to make a splendid return to the port of Marina di Camerota.


From the foot of Monte Cervati the waters of the Calore River are born which with a sinuous path reach the meeting with the Sele whose waters originate from the Picentini... They are our territories, which meet through their own waterways.< br/>
In the stretch between Magliano and Felitto, Il Calore gives life to unique gorges that we will go up through a path made of ups and downs where the dense vegetation sometimes gives way to breathtaking views between the limestone rocks and the water games between jumps and waterfalls.
We will arrive at the Ponte di Magliano Nuovo and after a fresh and regenerating stop we will return from the internal side to the locality of Remolino di Felitto which is also the starting point.
Thus closing a ring circuit of about 8.5 km. Here after the excursion it will be possible to bathe in the fresh waters of the river.

gole del Calore e Felitto