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Panorama Reggia di Caserta


The Royal Palace of Caserta is undoubtedly one of the most sumptuous palaces in Italy.
It was King Charles III of Bourbon who wanted it to be built and the most illustrious artists of the time were called to fresco, furnish and decorate it.
The architect Luigi Vanvitelli, in pleasing the king, created a sumptuous palace capable of competing with the palace of Versailles for wealth and splendor.
Visiting the palace with a guide means being able to appreciate every detail and know the history and the curiosities of this enchanting place.
The tour in the company of a guide will make the visit exciting and suggestive without neglecting the most important attractions and telling you the story of the nobles who lived in these sumptuous rooms.


Herculaneum was a rich residential center of the Roman aristocracy. The city was buried in 79 AD. from the eruption of Vesuvius. The violence of the volcano overwhelmed it with a layer of lava that completely covered it well over twenty meters in height.
The incredible beauty of the lost city is highlighted by frescoes and mosaics, but also wood, fabrics and papyrus. Unlike in Pompeii, here even the second floors are well preserved so as to give a clear and complete idea of ​​the residential building of the time.
The guide will accompany you in the discovery of the house of the wooden partition and the Samnite house . You will visit the Sacello degli Augustali, the male Baths with stories of the public and private life of the ancient Herculaneum enriched with anecdotes and historical references.
The ancient streets, the mosaics and frescoes of these sumptuous homes, the touching end of this city frozen in time will be an integral part of this unforgettable visit experience.

Vista scavi di Ercolano
Panorama Paestum


Paestum is an archaeological site of great beauty. It is one of the oldest villages in Cilento and is located on the plain of the Sele river. Since its foundation in the 6th century BC. by Greek exiles of Doric origin, it was dedicated to Poseidon, the god of the sea.
A different and fascinating tour that will lead you to discover the Greek people and a millenary culture.
The archaeological site is surrounded by mighty walls and its majestic temples, which have come down to us in an excellent state of conservation, are among the most appreciated monuments of the Greek era.
The guide will lead you to explore the oldest of they, the so-called 'Basilica' which was probably dedicated to Zeus and Hera. We will continue to the so-called 'Neptune' temple which was also dedicated to Hera, the mother goddess, and which preserves the internal area with the cell practically intact. It will then be the turn of a visit to the forum, the administrative and commercial heart of the city in Roman times. Paestum also preserves an amphitheater which is considered among the oldest in Italy and among the best preserved.


Pompeii presents itself to the eyes of the visitor as an incredible mirror through which to catapult oneself into the Roman world. Walking along the streets frequented by tourists from all over the world, with the silhouette of Vesuvius in the distance is like finding yourself looking for clues, fragments of a thousand-year-old history that still involves and fascinates us.
Accompanied by your private guide, you will visit the forum , the political and commercial heart of the city, the baths, where free men and women pleasantly spent their time dedicating themselves to body care, the lupanare, a place of pleasure and prostitution, the pistrinum, oven and mill of the time.
We will continue the discovery of this incredible site with the Casa del Menandro, one of the most elegant Pompeian residences, the Casa della Nave Europa and the amphitheater which will be part of this exciting, careful and meditated foray into the social fabric and culture of the time to also reveal the lesser-known aspects of the ancient Romans. We will continue to the Garden of the fugitives, with the plaster casts of men and women whose existence was dramatically blocked in that last moment between life and death.

Panorama di Pompei
Veduta de I Faraglioni di Capri


Capri is an island of timeless charm. Its innumerable beauties have conquered the hearts of painters, writers, poets and men of letters.
With its silent pedestrian streets, with its flower gardens and sunny vineyards it is a place adored by everyone, capable of creating connections between heart and mind, of fascinating and making people fall in love. The 'rock', as it is affectionately defined by its most assiduous visitors, has always been at the top of the travel wishes of most tourists in the world.
You arrive in Capri in search of worldliness but you return for the its incomparable beauty. Capri is a place as fascinating as it is chaotic, especially in the warm months. It is important to have an expert guide who can take you to many places in a short time.
Although the island is not very large, it is rich in history and culture and for this having a guide will certainly add an extra something to your trip.
Notes: in the hot months it is advisable to bring sunscreen, a hat and water. Wear fresh clothing and comfortable shoes.


The Amalfi Coast is made up of spectacular landscapes overlooking the sea and small villages, real jewels of incomparable beauty.
Included in the sites protected by Unesco and a World Heritage Site, villages such as Amalfi, Positano, Ravello and the other coastal towns produce irrepressible suggestions of Mediterranean tastes and scents.
A jewel warmed by the sun, characterized by an unrivaled gastronomic tradition, by towns overlooking the sea and by a historical heritage of inestimable value.
A tour not to be missed, a real must for anyone in Campania. The program includes visits to: Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.

Costiera Amalfitana


Naples has always been considered the city of the sun and the coast of the sirens, the cradle of millenary history and culture.
But next to this Naples known and loved by international tourism, there is another more mysterious and unknown one, linked to rituals and secrets, to magic and superstition.
Our guide will take you on a journey of true discovery of traditions, stories and superstitions.

Panorama di Napoli